Our Story

LA Wedding Films began operations in 2014. After creating wedding films in Australia, our CEO and chief videographer Taki fell in love with a wonderful girl from California and moved his business to the USA. Picking up and moving to a new place where nobody knows you can be tough. But the great news is that Australian and American weddings are very similar so the transition has been great.

In addition to his work making Wedding Films, Taki is also a documentary filmmaker. His work has been broadcast around the work and in the past year he has worked on documentaries for Sony and PBS. Being schooled in the art of real life storytelling is a huge part of what makes LA Wedding Films unique. There are many videographers out there who can give you very pretty pictures, but it takes years of training to know how to film and edit in a way that tells a story, captures emotion and really gives you the sense of being there.

Just like in documentary or reality TV, our aim is to be unobtrusive and capture naturalistic moments. We operate in a discreet manner that often results in your guests being completely unaware that you even had a wedding filmmaker present. We have custom designed our equipment set-up to be as small and light as possible so as not to distract from your big day. Our cameras may be small, but they are powerful! Using the latest 4k Ultra High Definition that will ensure your wedding film will still look amazing for generations to come. We also utilize professional radio microphones so every word of your vows and speeches will sound just like it does in your favorite movie.

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