4k Ultra HD

4K Ultra HD is the latest standard in video. Just like High Definition (HD) looked twice as good as the old Standard Definition (SD) when it first came out, 4K Ultra HD looks twice as good again. If your wedding videographer isn’t shooting in 4K Ultra HD, then your Wedding Film will look dated pretty quickly. With LA Wedding Films, our 4K Ultra HD cameras ensure your Wedding Film will look great for generations to come!

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4k Ultra High Definition

4K Ultra HD is the latest standard in video. A standard full HD TV you’ll buy right now has a resolution of 1080p, or 1920×1080. A 4K TV has a resolution of 3840×2160. It’s named 4K because a 4K panel has about four times as many pixels as a 1080p TV, and since it’s nearly 4000 pixels wide, they call it 4K. More pixels just results in a richer, more detailed image. Read more.

Yes and No. Unless you have a 4k Television then you will not be getting the benefit of 4K. Yet. All of the major TV manufacturers are bringing out 4K televisions right now and pretty soon 4k will be the standard. So while you many not be getting the benefit of 4K now, when you want to watch your wedding films in years to come, they will designed to meet this future standard. This is known as ‘future proofing’ your videos.

No. 4K isn’t a gimmick like 3D TVs a few years ago or curved TVs now. They offer a clear benefit — more pixels in a smaller area, which means a higher-resolution with more detail.

4K cameras and editing equipment are a substantial investment for videographers. Many videographers are waiting until their clients demand 4K videos until they upgrade. This makes perfect sense. But the reality is that unless your videographer is filming in 4K, your videos will not look nearly as nice in the future when everything is in 4K.

Yes and no. Everything we film is in 4K so that will not cost you any more than we quoted you. However, editing your film into a final 4K product is a lot more complicated as the file sizes and computing power required to create these ultra high definition videos is exponentially greater than traditional HD. Therefore we typically charge a premium to deliver your final product in 4K Ultra High Definition. But don’t worry, even if your films are delivered in HD, by filming in 4K and then shrinking the video to normal HD size for editing, your images will still look so much crisper and more detailed than if there were just filmed on regular HD cameras.

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